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Together we will successfully start and expand your business

15KM: from idea to success

15KM provides support for international and ambitious start-ups and growing businesses ‘from idea to success’. We do this by providing all the knowledge, experience, creativity, networks, financing and support that you require as a (new or growing) business.


With a large and professional network of experts 15KM provides support for all kind of starting and growing Dutch and international entrepreneurs. 


Are you ready to start or expand your innovative business in the Netherlands? In cooperation with our experts and partners we will support with a tailor-made approach the establishment of your (existing) business in the Netherlands.


15KM stimulates the growth of existing businesses.


We also help start-ups and expanding businesses to find financing.


If you would like to know what 15KM can do for you, please contact us, free of obligation at info@15km.nl