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Together we will successfully start and expand your business

15KM: from idea to success

Incubator and also official facilitator 15KM provides support for international and ambitious start-ups and growing businesses ‘from idea to success’. We do this by providing all the knowledge, experience, creativity, networks, financing and support that you require as a (new or growing) business. We offer access to physical business infrastructure, tailored business support services.

Costs for support: Depending on wishes and needs, custom made. (Minimum costs are 6500 euro)


With a large and professional team of mentors, experts and partners 15KM provides support for all kind of starting and growing Dutch and international entrepreneurs. 


Are you ready to start or expand your innovative business in the Netherlands? In cooperation with our experts and partners we will support with a tailor-made approach the establishment of your (existing) business in the Netherlands.

As official facilitator 15KM supports also the international start-up with the application procedure (Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND), see here) for the purpose to start an innovative business (a start-up) in the Netherlands. The residence permit gives ambitious starters a year to start an innovative company in the Netherlands. The start-up is required to be guided by an experienced and recognized facilitator like 15KM (see here). During the application procedure 15KM:
  • provides the start-up entrepreneur with a tailor-made package with, for example, help with the application procedure, market research (see here), connection and network, bank account, entry in the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce, etc.
  • supports the drawn up of the step-by-step plan and the business plan (required documents)
  • helps with to gather and fill in all the documents (means of evidence)
  • is your personal contact in the Netherlands

After the application procedure 15KM will support the international start-up to develop into a mature enterprise: business and product development, start of the company, etc.:

'When we approached 15KM we were pleasantly impressed by their professionalism. As facilitator 15KM has a strong well-balanced team that provides customized support for domestic and international entrepreneurs. Starting a project in another country can be very stressful but the 15KM team has guided us through the application and startup process, skillfully dealing with our needs.'

More information? Send us an e-mail with information about your idea. 



15KM stimulates the growth of existing businesses.


We also help start-ups and expanding businesses to find financing. We will give you all the information you need about fundraising and investors' approach. To that end, 15KM has excellent contacts and ‘hot leads’ at various financial institutions with regard to bank financing, financing for small and medium enterprises, crowdfunding, informal investors, subsidies and also regional investment funds, for example.


If you would like to know what 15KM can do for you, please contact us, free of obligation at info@15km.nl