15KM: from idea to success

15KM: from idea to success

As we run a business ourselves, we know better than anyone what is involved in starting up a business. Incubator 15KM provides support for start-ups and growing businesses ‘from idea to success’. We do this by providing all the knowledge, experience, creativity, networks, financing and support that you require as a (growing) business. Become part of our community of start-ups and growing businesses.

We provide start-ups with step-by-step support to enable them to successfully establish and expand their own business. To do so, we actively deploy our committed team and network of experienced experts, partners and organisations, all of whom and which are very familiar with various disciplines and sectors. We also have access to many types of financing, to enable you to successfully establish, start and expand your new business. We also offer a fully operational workplace.

Our approach
In this process of active support, we use two tools:

  • Business Model Canvas: the internationally renowned business plan, which describes the development of your business in a dynamic manner
  • The Five-phase Model or Programme relating to business development:

Phase 1. Explore: description of the business idea; action plan phases 1-2-3; scan, analysis of the environment; assessment of the market and customer potential; explore strategic partners; investigate IP and brand registration; Business Model Canvas 1.0.

Phase 2. Develop: test assumptions; proof of concept of envisaged product/service; prepare IP; business model takes shape; strategic partners identified; Business Model Canvas 2.0.

Phase 3. Validate: validate the assumptions made in the business case (if necessary by means of pilot projects); product/service can be presented; finance plan, investment needs, strategy and approach to external financing; strategic partners approached; Business Model Canvas 3.0.

Phase 4. Underpinning and constructing: arrange financing successfully; describe business processes; build an organisation; marketing and sales (strategy, plan); organise sales channels, customer relationships; prepare market introduction; governance; Business Model Canvas 4.0.

Phase 5. Starting, expanding, maintaining: core team operational; market introduction; establish business processes to guarantee quality, continuity and cash flows; invest in healthy organisation and growth; strategy and action plan for the medium and long-term; Business Model Canvas 5.0

For this support as a whole, as a start-up business you would pay a monthly 'network fee'. In addition, as a committed partner, 15KM would have a small minority stake in your new company.

If you would like to learn more and if you would like to know what 15KM can do for you, please contact us, free of obligation at: info@15KM.nl or on: +31 85 8 77 06 95.

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